"(Ang's) script reads like poetry, a complex Matrix of lyricism and down-to-earthiness (both puns intended) that is unparalleled at the LadyFest festival at The Tank currently."

"No Place stands as a powerful, haunting piece about global inter-connectivity where too much information has led to not enough empathy in a not-too-distant, deadly future."

- Natalie Rine, OnStage Blog Review

No Place

M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2020 Commission (World Premiere)

Created and Developed by

Written and Directed by

Performed by

Sound Design by

Lighting Design by

Video and Editing by

Stage Management by

Square One Collective

Andrea Ang

Ana Cantoran Viramontes

Sarah McEneaney

Juliana Suaide

Natalie Ahn

Emma Lea Hasselbach

Carol Jeong

Alberta Kallon

Kellie Paz



Three people play a game… in 2075.


In a world where physical existence seems imminently impossible, a political exile, a former radical and a climate refugee go in search of the promised land; a virtual utopia. Alliances are made and broken as personal visions cross and collide in a social experiment that begins to chip away at their identities. No Place examines the relationships between citizenship, nationhood and personhood and asks what happens to a person when they undertake an extreme journey of migration.

No Place was developed at the Access Theater Residency 2018/19 and SITI Lab Residency 2017. It was supported by the Queens Council on the Arts under the New Works Grant and was awarded the ART/NY  Creative Space Grant. 

Developmental showcases have been presented at the Fury Factory Festival 2018 in San Francisco and LADYfest at the Tank. 

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