By Cake Theatrical Productions

Directed by Natalie Hennedige

Written by Michelle Tan

Commissioned by Singapore International Festival of the Arts 2015

Presented at SOTA Theatre, Singapore

Born from the desire to chart humanity’s passage from beginning to present state, Versus is a ferocious performance about our existence amidst all the wars we wage.


This allegorical journey takes place through the most contentious zones of conflict we know – the world’s innumerable battlefields, the volatile intersections of faith, the deep trenches of the heart – spinning it all like some renegade turntable, ricocheting from flesh domain to spirit state, meshing personal psalm and public rave, capering over gaping wounds in the soul’s landscape.


If it is written / set in stone / marrow in bone

can Despot Mother Patriot Child / carve out a home

while an Angel sees / the rise fall rise fall of a People

raging blood pulsing flesh

/ reaching for something beyond the beyond

all comprehension / suspended


With their distinct blend of stirring music, composite stage imagery and searing text, Cake continues to construct clarity from the overwhelmingly irrational. The result is a work rooted in history while urgently reaching into the now.

(Text from Cake Theatrical Productions:

© 2019 Andrea Ang